Senior Programmer, Full Stack Engineer

Company Information:

CT provides market promotion and customer service for well-known E-gaming companies in the UK and Europe. CT Technology is committed to becoming the world’s leading game operation platform and game provider, and is committed to establishing high-quality partnerships with operators and game providers to provide business partners with low-cost and flexible online game operations. CT has cooperated with many well-known companies (such as Microgameing, OneWorks, BMM, GLI, Reuters, etc.).

Position Availability: 5

1. Front and back ends design, developing and maintenance for gaming products;
2. Research, evaluate and introduce new technologies and solutions, and use technology to improve research and development efficiency

Entry Requirements:
1. Computer related major, bachelor degree or above
2. More than 3 years of programming experience, independently completed medium-sized projects
3. Proficiency in front-end technologies such as HTML/HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, familiar with W3C standards, experience with ReactJS, AngularJS, Vue or other front-end MVC frameworks preferred
4. Proficient in at least of Java, golang, nodejs language
5. Good data structure and algorithm design basis
6. Strong knowledge with Linux system principles, proficient in using Linux commands and scripts
7. Strong knowledge with relational database principles and SQL language
8. Ability to independently design, develop, test, and deploy the product’s architecture
9. Experience in operation and maintenance of related industries such as Gaming or Finance will be an advantage.

[The company is currently in the start-up period, you will have the opportunity to develop with the company. The company’s aim is to respect employees and is willing to grow and develop together with fellow employees.]

If you have the above experience, please contact us.
Tele: +44(0)1624 670416
Company Address: 33 Bucks Road, Douglas,Isle of Man IM1 3DE